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Colocation Model Product Information

The Colocation Series provides an excellent solution for facilities and data centers which offer colocation hosting services. Available in 2, 3 and 4 compartment configurations, our Colo rack provides complete integrity between compartments, plus optimized cable and air management.

2 Door compartment plan view

3 Door compartment plan view

4 Door compartment plan view


  • Lockable doors equipped with standard swing handle or 3-digit combination lock with key overide.
  • Heavy duty 1000 kgs load rated
  • High density perforated doors provide expanded total open area for proper air flow.
  • 2 Door compartment 512 sq in
  • 3 Door compartment 333 sq in
  • 4 Door compartment 246 sq in
  • Fan tray option can be mounted to doors.
  • Field reversible doors with 135 degree opening radius.
  • Sealed cable channels accessible only to individual user.
  • Depth adjustable 19" mounting rails with U number printed on rails.
  • Optional security panel can replace side panel when two or more cabinets are bayed together.
  • Complies to : EIA310-E and IEC-60297-1,2


Standard Materials

  • High grade cold rolled steel
  • 5-stage iron phosphate pretreatment followed by tough scratch resistant powder coat paint.
  • Black color

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