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Open Compute Project (OCP) Open Rack V2





Cheval has been designing and manufacturing EIA standard 19" racks for over 30 years. We are now taking this experience and developing an OCP Open Rack, based on Facebook's Singlet Open Rack V2. We have maintained all the key features of the rack while making a knockdown version to maximize shipping and storage efficiency.

Cheval is a member of OCP Community.


  • Based on Facebook Open Rack V2 specifications.
  • Knock down configuration can load 84 complete racks per 40' container.
  • Assembled configuration can load 27 racks per 40' container.
  • Triple bus bar power architecture.
  • 41 OU overall internal mounting space.
  • U numbers marked for convenient equipment installation.
  • Up to 2 power zones utilizing 2 x 3 OU power shelves.
  • IT Support Brackets.
  • Heavy duty swivel leveling feet and casters.
  • Supports 1400 KG load.
  • Optional EIA 19” adapter kits available
  • Optional side panels and doors available
  • Customization requests welcome


Technical Specification Summary

  • Rack Inner space – 41 OU
  • Form Factor - 21” Open Compute Rack
  • Rack total height – 2210 mm
  • Rack total width - 600 mm
  • Rack total depth – 1067 mm
  • Rack weight w/ 3 bus bars – 199.6 KG (no equipment)
  • Designed and Manufactured under ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001
  • All materials RoHS compliant
  • Five stage iron-phosphate pre treatment with textured powder coat finish, tested to 500 hours salt     spray under ASTM-D610-01 and ASTM-B117


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