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OCP Open Rack ORV3

The latest version of the Open Compute Projects (OCP) Open Rack ORV3 combines OCP’s 21” / 0U with EIA-310E / RU standards to enable a wider range of applications. Using our experience in knock down designs, we have produced both knock down and welded versions of ORV3. The advantage of the knock down design is shipping efficiency, up to 80 sets per 40’ container compared to 27 for fully welded versions. The standard ORV3 design can fulfill most users needs and for hyperscalers our design team will work with you to ensure every feature you need is built into the rack.




  • Knock Down or Welded Frame versions available
  • Supports both 21” (0U) and 19” (RU) equipment mounting.
  • Static load capacity of 1,600 kg and Dynamic load of 1,000 kg.
  • 48 VDC bus bar architecture
  • 440U / 48RU internal mounting space, U numbers marked on the rails
  • Customization Requests welcome

Accessary Kits Available

  • Perforated Doors
  • Full or Mini Side Panels
  • EIA 19" Panel Mounting Adapters
  • 0U Filler Panels
  • IT Support Rails
  • Stabilizer Kits
  • Conforms to OCP Open Rack V3 R1.0 specification
  • Overall external dimensions (HxWxD) 2,293 x 600 x 1068 mm (Frame only)
  • All materials RoHS compliant.
  • Designed and manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards.
  • Premium grade Hot or Cold Rolled Steel, and Galvannealed Steel.
  • Five stage iron phosphate pretreatment process with de-ionized water rinse.
  • Standard Black (RAL 9005), tough scratch resistant poly-epoxy powder coat finish.
  • Standard 500 hour salt spray based on ASTM-D610-01 and ASTM-B117.

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Accessory Kits


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